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This site contains information relevant to amateur stations wishing to operate APRSTM within the state of Tasmania. Included are screen shots of configurations for commonly used APRSTM applications and tracking units.

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Format Used

* Digipeaters implement a W3 (WIDE3-3) limit.

˚ This is the state based paradigm (eg. TAS7-7)

Beacon Period

SSID Recommendations (common use in bold)

-0 Home Station
-1 Network Digipeater
-2 Digipeater [#2]
-3 Digipeater [#3]
-4 HF to VHF Gateway
-5 IGate (Not home station)
-6 Satellite or special operations (usually mobiles/portables)
-7 Kenwood D7 HH
-8 Secondary mobile/portable
-9 Primary Mobiles

-10 Internet only stations with no RF equipment
-11 APRSTM Touch Tone Via EchoLink systems (and the occasional Balloons)
-12 Portable Units such as Laptops etc.
-14 Legacy standard for Truckers (USA)
-15 HF Mobile

APRSTM is a registered Trademark of Bob Bruninga WB4APR

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Page last updated on the 04-AUG-2008